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[Cluster-devel] announcement: planning resource-agents release 3.9.6


We released resource-agents v3.9.5 back in February. In the
meantime there have been quite a few fixes and new features
pushed to the repository and it is high time for another release.

Lars Ellenberg will run the release this time and do whatever is
necessary that we have a good set of resource agents.
Thanks Lars!

Two milestones were created at github.com today and this is the
tentative schedule:

3.9.6-rc1: October 9.
3.9.6: October 16.

If there's anything you think should be part of the release
please open an issue, a pull request, or a bugzilla, as you see

If there's anything that hasn't received due attention, please
let us know.

Finally, if you can help with resolving issues consider yourself
invited to do so.


The resource-agents crowd

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