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Re: [Cluster-devel] kernel packaging split up landing in Rawhide


On 29/04/14 22:41, Josh Boyer wrote:
Hi All,

As part of the F21 "Modular Kernel Packaging for Cloud" Feature[1],
I've committed and pushed the kernel packaging split up into
kernel-core and kernel-drivers subpackages.  For those of you running
rawhide, this really shouldn't be a major impact at all.  When you do
a yum update, you will see "kernel", "kernel-core", and
"kernel-drivers" packages being installed.  The end result should be
in line with today's rawhide kernels.

Note: Unless you're using a typical VM or Cloud image, don't uninstall
the kernel or kernel-drivers packages.  The machine may boot with just
kernel-core, but it will lack drivers for a significant portion of
bare-metal hardware without kernel-drivers installed.

Despite best efforts in testing, it's always possible a bug or two
snuck through.  In the event that you do have an issue with this,
please file a bug against the kernel package.



Just wondering how this will (or will not) affect kernel-module-extras ?

Currently there is a dependency (largely for backwards compatibility purposes) on kernel-module-extras from gfs2-utils and I'm wondering if that will need to be changed (or dropped) as a result of this,


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