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Re: [Crash-utility] [PATCH 0/7] Make crash work with Xen4 dumps

----- Original Message -----
> Hi Dave et al.
> I re-worked my patch series, so it works properly both on Xen4 dumps and Xen
> 3.3 dumps (and SUSE Xen 3.3 from SLES11 GA, which has some additional tweaks).
> The complete patchset comprises:
> 01: Make the __per_cpu_offset symbol available
> 02: Make XEN_VIRT_START depend on Xen version
> 03: Fix missing 'init_tss' symbol in Xen4
> 04: Allocate the Xen domain vcpu array dynamically
> 05: Use the size of the Xen domain VCPU array if available
> 06: Account for the changed type of the domain.vcpu field in Xen4
> 07: Change the way of determining the Xen scheduler
> Petr Tesarik
> SUSE Linux

Hi Petr,

This second patchset tests OK with my RHEL5 hypervisor dumpfiles.

I've also cc'd this response to the original authors, oda valinux co jp and
kakuma valinux co jp   Presuming that they have no objections, the patchset
is queued for the next release.


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