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[Crash-utility] [PATCH 0/3] ikconfig and load module helper patches.

Declare get_kernel_config(), load_module_symbols_helper()
for crash outside extension users.
CRASH_MODULE_PATH valiable can apply to search non-standard module path
from load_module_symbols_helper() and "mod" command.

- get_kernel_config("config name", &val)
 Return one of target kernel configurations.
 If val == NULL, return value is poinited whether config is valid or not.
  IKCONFIG_N: kernel config is not set (not valid).
  IKCONFIG_Y: kernel config is set y (valid).
  IKCONFIG_M: kernel config is set m (valid).
  IKCONFIG_STR: kernel config is values or strings, etc (valid).

"help -k" can display ikconfig setup state,
number of valid ikconfig entries, function calls.

 1. How to activate get_kernel_config().
   -> get_kernel_config() become active.
   -> get_kernel_config() become iniactive.

 2. This function require CONFIG_IKCONFIG=y. Otherwise user is warned.

Functional change from previous one.
 "config name" can be allowed both with or without CONFIG_ prefix strings.
 [ Dave's recommendation ]

- load_module_symbols_helper("module name")
 Load specified kernel module symbols with argument.
 This is simplified usage from original load_module_symbols().

 Add "CRASH_MODULE_PATH" valiable which can use to resolve
non-standard module path.

Functional change from previous one.
 "CRASH_MODULE_PATH" could be used by the "mod -s" command as well.
 [ Dave's recommendation ]
Example usage:
  < in .crashrc >
   mod -s ext3
   mod -s jbd

export CRASH_MODULE_PATH="your module's root directory"

Even if target kernel is changed,
crash will load appropriate ext3 or jbd modules by this valiable.

Toshikazu Nakayama (3):
  new ikconfig API.

 crash-5.1.1/defs.h   |   14 +++++
 crash-5.1.1/kernel.c |  148 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 162 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)


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