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Re: [Crash-utility] [PATCH 0/3] ikconfig and load module helperpatches.

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> The access of the ikconfig data is really nothing much more
> than a typical memory read, although it does have to be
> uncompressed.
> But, think about it, when running against a compressed
> diskump or compressed kdump dumpfile, every memory access
> has to be uncompressed.
> Let me review/test your patch #1, and I'll get back to you
> with my results.

Hello Toshi,

I made a couple fixes to your patch -- get_kernel_config() always failed
because the "return ret" below always gets executed, returning IKCFG_N,
and the second test for IKCONFIG_LOADED is missing the parentheses:

+       } else if (!(kt->ikconfig_flags & IKCONFIG_LOADED)) {
+               read_in_kernel_config(IKCFG_SETUP);
+   ===>        if (!kt->ikconfig_flags & IKCONFIG_LOADED)
+                       error(WARNING,
+                             "Failed read_in_kernel_config(IKCFG_SETUP)\n");
+   ===>                return ret;

I also made the dump_kernel_table() display of the kt->ikconfig_flags a bit
more informative, and changed a couple of the error messages slightly.

Thanks for the contribution -- it's queued for the next release.


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