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Re: [Crash-utility] [ANNOUNCE][RFC] gcore extension module: user-mode process core dump

----- Original Message -----
> Hello Dave,
> Thanks for setting up them.
> I've attached gcore.tar.bz2 as you suggested. Please confirm it.
> In addition, I've improved restore_frame_pointer(). I expect gcore
> hang up can no longer be reproduced.
> Well, I have a question: in what form should I send new patchset
> afterwards? A whole files in the form of gcore.tar.bz2 similaly? or in
> the form of diffs?

Yes, the gcore.tar.bz2 file would be best.  That way, you can make
updates whenever you want, without having any reliance upon any
crash utility release.
Also, if you have a public location where perhaps a git tree exists, 
we can put a link to it in the comments section of the web page.
Or if you want add more to the description in the "comments" section,
(perhaps the kernel versions it has been tested with?), the let me

In any case, the new files are now available from:



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