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[dm-devel] Re: what to do with fls(x) (or device-mapper & swsusp-1.x.x ? )

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 04:31:03PM +0200, Svetoslav Slavtchev wrote:
> Hi ,
> i'm tring to incorporate the dev-mapper 1.00.04 in a kernel that already has
> int fls(int x)
> which conflicts with the definitions in dm-io.[ch] 

There's a bug in that code anyway, I suspect that all of the fls/log2
stuff will be removed eventually.

> so i wanted to ask you whether the attached patch looks OK,

At a glance it looks ok, though it might be simpler if you just
renamed our ffs to dm_ffs.  That way you'd have more confidence that
things works as they do now.

> i wanted also to ask whether there are some important fixes in the patches
> from Joe Thornber,
> which should be applied after device-mapper-1.00.04

My patchsets do have important fixes, but they are also less stable.
CVS gets updated with the patches that have proved themselves.

- Joe

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