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[dm-devel] dm-crypt (was: refrigerator in dm-daemon)

Am Mo, den 22.12.2003 schrieb Joe Thornber um 21:10:

> > When do you think some of the code is ready?
> Kevin Corry and I have a few changes that we've got queued up.  We're
> going to write up a todo list and make it publically available so
> people can track progress.

I've seen some FIXMEs in the code, I suppose you want some code shuffled
around and so, but it's already in a good shape. Great work. :-)

> I'm happy to take the dm-crypt stuff into my unstable tree.  I don't
> think you'll get it into the kernel unless you get the cryptoloop
> people to publically (ie. on lkml) support you.

That's the main problem. There don't seem to be real maintainers. Well,
I've already talked to some people working on it, let's see what I can
do. Unfortunately I'm not a politician. :-/

> Did you come to any
> conclusion about the comments that your target wasn't shuffling blocks

Well, let's say, that's something for the wish list. Some *BSD has a
crypto implementation that does a *lot* more than cryptoloop. It's more
secure but also much less flexible and noch compatible to cryptoloop.

dm-crypt currently is non-shuffling, sector based cryptoapi user. What I
could do is to modify it so that it only provides a "transfer and remap"
functionality and crypto itself is done in separate modules/plugins and
make the cryptoloop compatible part such a plugin. So one could write a
xor plugin or a GDBE like plugin afterwards.

Christophe Saout <christophe saout de>
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