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[dm-devel] Patchset 2.4.20-dm-8


Changes since 2.4.20-dm-7

Revision 41:
  Hook the io before we call the targets map function, this allows us to
  implement little things like the zero target.

Revision 42:
  Silly mistake in error path when an unknown target type is requested.

Revision 43:
  Define SECTOR_SHIFT and SECTOR_SIZE in dm.h so each individual DM source file
  doesn't have to define them.  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 44:
  When generating STATUSTYPE_TABLE strings, use bdevname() instead of kdevname()
  so the device-name will match the ones generated in the 2.5 kernels. This
  should keep the user-space tools simpler, since they will only have to parse
  one form of the device-name strings.  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 45:
  Allow slashes ('/') within a DM device name, but not at the beginning.
  Devfs will automatically create all necessary sub-directories if a name
  with embedded slashes is registered.  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 46:
  When initializing the ioctl interface, always print the info message, instead
  of only when devfs is not present.  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 47:
  When running on ppc64, sparc64, or x86-64, register ioctls with the ioctl32
  translation layer. [Don Mulvey]

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