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[dm-devel] 2.5.54-dm-1



Revision 1:
  Don't let the ioctl interface drop a suspended device.

Revision 2:
  Initialize the clone-info's index to the original bio's index.
  Required to properly handle stacking DM devices. [Kevin Corry]

Revision 3:
  ti->use was only getting incremented the first time a target type was
  retrieved (bug introduced by recent hch patch).

Revision 4:
  Use a rw_semaphore in dm_target.c rather than a rwlock_t, just to keep
  in line with dm.c

Revision 5:
  Call dm_put_target_type() *after* calling the destructor.

Revision 6:
  Remove explicit return at the end of a couple of void functions.

Revision 7:
  printk tgt->error if dm_table_add_target() fails.

Revision 8:
  Just return an error from the error targets map function, rather than
  erroring the buffer_head.

Revision 9:
  Export dm_table_get_mode()

Revision 10:
  bio_alloc() shouldn't fail if GFP_NOIO is used, and the bvec count is
  sensible.  So remove redundant error checking.

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