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Re: [dm-devel] Proposed changes to the dm_target interface

On Friday 10 January 2003 07:55, Joe Thornber wrote:
> These patches contain some proposed changes to the dm_target
> interface, as such they will effect anyone writing their own targets.
> Could people take a look at them and give me feedback please ?

This is a great idea! I know for certain that we will be able to re-write our 
BBR target to make use of this, and cut down on unnecessary memory 
allocations and complexity in the I/O path.

> The first change adds an endio method, if this method is defined it
> will be called whenever the mapped io has completed.
> The second change allows the map() method to optionally pass a void *
> through to the endio() method.  This is a little bit ugly, but I think
> the benefits justify it.

It may look a bit ugly just glancing at it, but it seems like a requirement 
in order to do anything very useful on the endio call.

The patches look good at first glance. I'll have to apply them, and then 
think about how BBR can use this.

Are you working on adding this to 2.5 yet? Do you want me to take a shot at 

Kevin Corry
corryk us ibm com

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