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Re: [dm-devel] [RFC] device-mapper v4 ioctl interface implementation

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 03:58:12PM +0100, Joe Thornber wrote:
> Following on from the header file for the v4 ioctl interface that I
> posted a couple of weeks ago, here is the first cut at the
> implementation (3 patches posted as a follow up to this mail).  I hope
> the v1 interface can be retired before 2.6.  Tools are not yet
> available to drive this, but should be later this week.
Updated device-mapper tools (dmsetup + libdevmapper) are now 
available for testing at:

This tarball also includes the complete device-mapper patches 
for 2.4.20 and 2.4.21, also available outside the tarball at:

Updated LVM2 tools to work alongside the above are at:

If the new tools detect the old version 1 driver, they try to
fall back and use the version 1 API, so you shouldn't
need to keep two sets of tools around if you're regularly
swapping kernels.  [But this hasn't been thoroughly tested.]

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