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[dm-devel] Re: [lvm-devel] dm-crypt - some info, and a few development questions

Christophe Saout wrote:

Would it be possible to do development of these things (especially the
dm part) to an open place? I'm very interested in the inner workings of
device-mapper and the new 2.5/2.6 kernel block io code.

maybe, we do need a CVS server somewhere, maybe we could get a "tree" in the LVM one at sistina? I doubt we can work with others, it is a study project we get a grade from, i would have to ask the professor.

If I had more time and would be able to understand these things better I
would have written some code by now (perhaps porting some of the missing
dm targets from 2.4 to 2.5 or so), but if I can see progress step by
step I'll perhaps be able to help. Or at least test it.

The latest kernels have a somewhat modified loop.c so that it supports
additional encryption again (cryptoloop.c), perhaps you can use some of
that code somehow.

i dont understand what you mean encryption again?
You can always use losetup:
/dev/loop0 file
/dev/loop1 /dev/loop0
/dev/loop2 /dev/loop1

and so on

And, I was just wondering, would it be theoretically possible to write a
dm target that stores data in a file, so that it replaces what the loop
device does? Or was dm not designed for this?

i suppose it is possible to make it, i'll keep it in mind, it might be
a small project for when this is done, and then i already have the understanding from dm-crypt.


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