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[dm-devel] help: device-mapper ioctl cmd 9 failed error message

Hi All,

  I am trying to use DM on my machine.
  My machine is Redhat Linux - 8.0,  kernel level   
  2.4.21 with properly applied patches for DM.
  I also have device mapper tools installed properly 
  on my machine.

  My problem is, when I tried to create a volume 
  using dmsetup create command with table file named 
  dmsetup, I got following
  error message.

  $ dmsetup create dmsetup dmsetup
    device-mapper ioctl cmd 9 failed: Invalid 
    argument Command failed

  contents of dmsetup file

  0       200781  linear  /dev/hda7       0
  200781  401562  linear  /dev/hdb8       0

  I also won't find any document which will help in setting DM so if any one knows where i can get the document regarding DM setup it will be of great help to me.

 Please help me to solve the problem.
 Thanks and kind regards,

             - Kiran

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