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Re: [dm-devel] Another experimental dm target... an encryption target

On Sat, Jul 26, 2003 at 08:59:26PM +0200, jon+lvm silicide dk wrote:
> i sort of consider LVM part of the kernel too, because without each
> other, neither is anything.

No, LVM is not part of the kernel at all.  I use device mapper without
LVM, and EVMS uses device-mapper.

> i have other kernel coding ideas if you're interested, some are more
> hardcore than others. They are not LVM related though, except that 
> one of them might be a dm-target, or a filesystem. That one is because
> i'm a little annoyed that it is cumbersome to add more disks to a
> system, and LVM is not the answer i'm looking for. What i want is:
> i have a number of disks, and i want to distribuate data across those,
> but the data must be replicated so i can handle a loss of one or more
> disks (user specified). Further more, i want to be able to add new
> disks to this blockdevice, and remove them. The filesystem grows
> and shrinks. It is sort of a raid5 device that you can add new disks
> into like you can with LVM, and then the system distribuates the data
> across the disks. This might take some time to rearrange the data,
> but the point is that the sysadm shouldnt worry about how to migrate
> data, he/she justs adds disks.

This just sounds like some management scripts that could be written on
top of the existing volume managers and file system tools.

- Joe

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