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[dm-devel] device-mapper & bd_claim

hi :)

i use evms to mount some filesystems.
the root filesystem is located on /dev/hda1, all other partitions
are managed by evms.

this works without problems in 2.4.
however, evms refuses to create the logical volumes in 2.6.

the problem seems to be the addition of bd_claim in 2.6:
upon mounting the root filesystem, hda1 is claimed by the filesystem.
thus, hda is claimed by the bd_claim code, too.
evms tries to setup dm-tables using hda and fails to claim the device

so, how should this be solved?
i think it should be allowed to mix evms and 'normal' partitions on
the same device.

do we need to introduce claimed_region of the toplevel device instead
of claiming individual devices?

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