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Re: [dm-devel] 2.6.5-udm1

Revision 23: Multipath: rdac path selector. This is just an example of what needs to could be done by the ps to send a failover command to the device. This example is just sending a TUR, and I just bascially ripped off the rr ps's other functions. The point is that I have to inject a command into a queue using blk_execute_rq or elv_add_request. [Mike Christie]

Revision 24:
  Multipath: rename rdac.c to dm-ps-rdac.c

Hi Joe,

Could you drop those patches. I just used them to test the ps->init function and sleeping/locking stuff, and as a RFC/example to make sure using the blk_execute_rq or elv_add_request fns was not violating any block layer guidelines.

The TUR command being sent just tests a path. The command I need to send is a little more complicated (I mean ugly).

I just do not want to confuse someone with a fastt xxx, in thinking DM has RDAC or AVT support.


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