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Re: [dm-devel] raid10 ... (was: Re: ANNOUNCE: mdadm 1.7.0)

That is what you get from a LVM2 setting with 1 VG containing all your
disks and mirrored LVs.

I didn't check lately, but PE allocators certainly need to be more
intelligent with regard to not allowing mirror members on the same spin.


> Imagine having a pool of drives, where chunks of data are distributed evenly
> across all drives in a redundant manner. If one drive dies, the chunks that
> are not redundant anymore get their copies on the remaining drives, provided
> that there's enough space left; if one or more drives are added to the
> array, new chunks are written there until the balance is reached again.
> Disk space could be the first key for balancing across the drives, with
> transfer rate or seek time maybe added later. Maybe the pool could even
> adapt dinamically to the i/o patterns ... 
> Am i dreaming (it's well over 4am here :) ? Or is something like this
> possible? Maybe not with a md personality, but by some daemon that would be
> taking care of a dm map?

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