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[dm-devel] Mirror target mapping schema nad options to do so - Need of an Ho wTo?!


I use dmsetup as replacement for ataraid (2.4 kernel) on many system to setup striped and mirrored discs
on a 2.6.* kernel system. As long as I use striped mapping schema I have no problems and they work very well.
Now I want to setup my mirror set of disc,but frist I miss a How-To of possible options to setup mirror map e.g. (mirror core 1 or 2). When I create the mirror map I do following:
raid1.mirror > 0 `blockdev --getsize of smallest disc in mirrorset` mirror core 1 1024 2 /dev/hde 0 /dev/hdg 0
the map of partitons are created as linear mapping. I can access the mirrorset but, when I write
image restore to the mapped mirrored discs they got unsynced after sometime and the hole datastrature are bad.
Here are some specs of my system

Prepatched kernel with DM compiled in (zero,mirror,snapshot target)
glibc-2.3.4 Branch 20040808

Any hints and maybe a little how to are welcome
Thanks for assistance

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