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Re: [dm-devel] Multipath and HSG80 phase 2

> > * i undefined CLONE in order to use fork (?)
> uhm ?

I do not know clone syscall, but on my system it makes the damon silently
dies, undefining CLONE_NEWNS all works well.

> StorageWorks controler need the queue_if_no_path feature.
> try the configlet available on the website (TestedEnv).

I created the conf file according to your suggestion, now it happens:

multipath -l

Segmentation fault !!!

It seems multipath segs only the second time it was called (and only if it
is present a configuration file).
I do not know if my config file breaks multipath or some piece of your code
shuld be fixed.
Howewer i patched main.c and dmparser.c in the directory multipath and now
there is no segmentation violation.

Please check!!!

in main.c no zalloc of mpp structure before using it why?
in dmparser.c in the merge_words you assume the return of realloc was the
same of the passed ptr ?, if it is not the value of p may points to a gangle
reference, so you may write a "space" char in an undefined memory


    Nicola Ranaldo

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