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Re: [dm-devel] Multipath and HSG80 phase 2

> I have already sent Christophe a patch for this.  The problem was he set p,
> moved p, realloced dst, and expected dst to start at the same memory
> locating it was at before reallocing, which may or may not be true.  The fix
> moves the p assignment and movement after the realloc call.
can you audit your fixes in
before I release it ?

... and report on general behaviour.

I'm also interested in knowing how your servers behave when you disable ports
during IO. The device mapper seems fragile here on StorageWorks HW and Emulex

Precisely, I experience a looong delay with all IO blocked, then an oops, then
IO restart on remaining paths. But then re-enabling port doesn't make the
device mapper happy and I have to remove-add-cycle the path at the SCSI layer
for the DM to accept it again in maps.


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