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Re: [dm-devel] Multi-Path on SuSe


On Saturday, 11. December 2004 00:41, Diare, Aboubacar wrote:
> I am having some difficulties getting DM-multipath to work/install
> properly with SLES 9 (kernel 2.6.5-7.111smp).  Now I know the latest
> DM/multipath-tools refer to 2.6.9 kernel at least.  But I was hoping to
> get some feedback from somehow at SuSE or who has tried this on SuSE as
> to whether SuSE's in box kernel is enabled to get this to work.
> Thanks ahead.
it works (as far as I got it during the time I had) only basically if
configured with dmsetup manually. I.e. it fails over once if the primary
path fails. How far did you get it working?

I didn't have time to figure out yet how it does the mapping setup via  
/etc/udev.d/block/ as suggested by Christophe on 11/26. 
It might depend on the SCSI-Devices you have, I get valid WWIDs only
with "/sbin/scsi_id -g -p 0x80 -s" but that doesn't solve the problem 
of autodetecting yet. 

I got some beta packages from the upcomming SLES9-SP1 from SuSE-Support
(multipath-tools-0.3.6, device-mapper-1.00.19 + appropriate kernel) but
will/might have the opportunity to test it not earlier than next week. 
Novell/SuSE probably doesn't like publishing links of their beta packages
but I assume they like that their packages are well tested- so you might
call the helpful RSchmidt from SuSE Support or refer to
ftp.suse.com/pub/people/  - and give some feedback.

Andreas Huck

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