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Re: [dm-devel] Multipath and HSG80 phase 2

I'm going to continue in testing overall the package and giving you feedback.

Ok... this seems to be a good morning!
I have now a veeeeeery (!) strange multipath environment up and running.
I report this hoping it will be a good starting point in order to understand the final steps to fix my environment...

I rebooted the system and let the multipathd do all the stuff in order to create dm table, devices and so on.
When all was done I killed multipathd and run the simple following batch in order to see wath's happening:

while true
multipath -l -v3
sleep 10

Restarting alternatively the primary and the secondary controller does not break the process writing on the multipath unit :) (done this operation about 30 times)
So i think the simple batch reenables failed paths well.

While running multipathd, restarting the controller all paths fail (i think it is normal) and multipathd seems to sleep until the controller wakes up again, but in this situation results are unpredictable, some time it resists only to a uniqe restart, some times gives directly write error opration on filesystem...
What the next step?

Another question, when failover does its work, while having no writing process disruption i have lost page write dm-0 kernel log.... is it normal?

Thank you

Nicola Ranaldo

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