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[dm-devel] Debugging dm-mpath.c: check this!!!

Ok, i started debugging dm-mpath.c.
I found the error causing process disruption and lost pages is returned in the function "do_end_io".
Here the original version:

static int do_end_io(struct multipath *m, struct bio *bio,
                    int error, struct mpath_io *mpio)
       struct hw_handler *hwh = &m->hw_handler;
       unsigned err_flags = MP_FAIL_PATH;      /* Default behavior */

       if (!error)
               return 0;       /* I/O complete */

       if (!m->nr_valid_paths) {
               return -EIO;

*** ----> ^^^^^^^
*** this is the interested point!
*** It seems that when ending io, in case of error if no path available returns an EIO (no check of queue_if_no_path !?!??) !!!!


According to my assumption, i thinked requeuing the submitted io was right.
So I modified the source like at the bottom of the function and dm now runs well!
I have no more lost page errors, no more process disruption, and no more disk in read-only state.
I do not know deeply device mapper and multipath at kernel level, so i do not know if my assumption is correct.
In that case ignore my message!

Best Regards

Nicola Ranaldo

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