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Re: [dm-devel] Needing group_by_target/group_by_node_name

On 19 Dec 2004, at 17:52, christophe varoqui wrote:

Doesn't the box give usable serials on SCSI INQ ?

The multipath tool already fetches that (you can see the values when
debug is enabled), and proposes to group by these strings.

I guess it could be useful to fetch the target node_name anyway.

All the 8 paths show with the same serial, so group_by_serial doesn't help.

I assume that once I done this all I need to do is write my own
priority finding program that looks these up and groups them into a
priority depending on the target node_name /

Might work too.

Except I find it really hard to walk from a sd* device name to a place in sys where I can get the node name.

Thanks for the work on this, we were able to add a second lun, add it
to our lvm group and then grow the filesystem on top of it without any

So you owe me an entry in the TestedEnvironments page in the Wiki :)



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