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RE: [dm-devel] [ANNOUNCE] multipath-tools-0.4.1

James, thank you for the clarification (and I didn't mean to string
anyone :).

Ramesh, I don't feel like going through the hassle of supporting
multiple synthax until the multipath target has made its way into the
standard kernel, so I'll keep guessing the node_name in
behing /sys/class/fc_transport/target<host>:<channel>:<target> or skip
the node_name fetch.

ok with you ?


Le mercredi 22 d?embre 2004 à 16:05 -0500, James Smart Emulex Com a
écrit :
> Qlogic shouldn't be strung out. It wasn't them....
> As part of a change that went into the FC transport - the device reported under this directory was moved from the LUN device to the Target device - thus the change in name format (it killed replication of target data that was being done for all luns). The attributes underneath remain the same. I believe this change occurred in the first rc1 patch to 2.6.9.
> As to the grand plan - you should be fine if you :
>  pre-2.6.10: it's the older name format "/sys/class/fc_transport/<host>:<channel>:<target>:<lun>"
>  2.6.10 and later : it's the new format "/sys/class/fc_transport/target<host>:<channel>:<target>"
>  and the folks running a patched 2.6.9 have to live by the new format.
> --

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