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[dm-devel]2.6.0-udm6 patchset


I'm about to release a 2.6.2-udm1 patchset, but the patches in that
tree have been refactored a lot (24 patches rather than nearly 100).
So I thought I ought make a final 2.6.0 release so people can see the
final few patches.

I've made a lot of changes to the multipath target in the last week,
so I wouldn't be surprised if it's taken a backwards step in

Changes since 2.6.0-udm5

Revision 79:
  Get event notification working in multipath.

Revision 80:
  Add in the qlogic drivers for 2.6.0 from

Revision 81:
  I just noticed that bio_clone copies the BIO_SEG_VALID bit from the
  original bio when it was set. When we modify bi_idx or bi_vcnt
  afterwards the segment counts are invalid and the bit must be dropped
  (though it is fairly unlikely that it has already been set).
  [Christophe Saout]

Revision 82:
  Copy the restrictions from the request queue into a temporary local
  variable and use combine_restrictions_low() instead of duplicating the
  code.  [Christoph Saout]

Revision 83:
  Move the sync count from the mirror set to the log.
  Newly synced regions weren't being marked clean.
  [AJ Lewis]

Revision 84:
  Lift min_not_zero to dm.h

Revision 85:
  Change dm-mpath.c:do_work() return a wakeup hint.

Revision 86:
  path->test_sector is unused. Remove it.  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 87:
  Remove unnecessary log messages.   [Kevin Corry]

Revision 88:
  dm-ioctl-v4.c: No need to check the parameters for DM_LIST_VERSIONS_CMD

Revision 89:
  drop HZ back to 100 (for qemu)

Revision 90:
  A huge patch, this started out as Kevin Corrys patch to merge the
  valid/invalid path lists.  But I kept seeing things I wanted to
  change.  Use with care.

Revision 91:
  Defer erroring an io until we know that all the paths have been tested
  *since* the last path failed.  Large patch because some functions
  moved around.

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