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This should be the same as 2.6.0-udm6, just refactored.

Revision 1:

Revision 2:
  Export dm_vcalloc()

Revision 3:
  Lift to_bytes() and to_sectors() into dm.h

Revision 4:
  We can get rid of dm_deferred_io in dm.c. We are doing it elsewhere,
  others are doing it, so let's also do it.
  We can save a call to kmalloc (which can even fail). The bio->bi_next
  field can be used by us as long as we own it, it is set NULL before
  it is passed down to the next request queue.
  [Chripstophe Saout]

Revision 5:
  Make sure that we maintain ordering when deferring bios.

Revision 6:
  Tidy up the error path for alloc_dev()

Revision 7:
  With 32 bit sector_t the block device size _in bytes_ is also cut to
  32 bit in __set_size when the block device is mount (a filesystem
  mounted). The argument should be cast to loff_t before expanding the
  sector count to a byte count and calling i_size_write.
  [Christophe Saout]

Revision 8:
  Add an endio method to targets.  This method is allowed to request
  another shot at failed ios (think multipath).  Context can be passed
  between the map method and the endio method.

Revision 9:
  List targets ioctl.  [Patrick Caulfield]

Revision 10:
  For some reason dm_table_create() was allocating GFP_NOIO rather than

Revision 11:
  Add sanity check to dm_table_add_target() against zero length targets.  [Christophe Saout]

Revision 12:
  Remove redundant spin lock in dec_pending()

Revision 13:
  Remove the version-1 ioctl interface.

Revision 14:
  No need to check the parameters for DM_LIST_VERSIONS_CMD

Revision 15:
  Lift min_not_zero to dm.h

Revision 16:
  Add dm-daemon.

Revision 17:
  Add dm-io.

Revision 18:
  Add kcopyd.

Revision 19:
  Snapshot target

Revision 20:
  Mirror target

Revision 21:
  Multipath target

Revision 22:
  Crypt target

Revision 23:
  Flakey target

Revision 24:
  I just noticed that bio_clone copies the BIO_SEG_VALID bit from the
  original bio when it was set. When we modify bi_idx or bi_vcnt
  afterwards the segment counts are invalid and the bit must be dropped
  (though it is fairly unlikely that it has already been set).
  [Christophe Saout]

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