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[dm-devel] 2.6.2-udm2


Big changes to the multipath target.

- The test interval is no longer passed in with the target parameters
  (tools writers take note.

- The kernel now does no path testing at all, let userland do it (see thread on lkml).

- Switch to work queues rather than dm-daemon (see other thread on lkml).

Changes since 2.6.2-udm1

Revision 25:
  Audit for list_for_each_*entry*

Revision 26:
  Zero m->current_path if it has failed, so that we choose a new one
  more quickly.

Revision 27:
  The snapshot destructor shouldn't be triggering an event, this code
  must date from before the reference counting of tables was put in.

Revision 28:
  Fix a dm-crypt compile warning on x86-64 with gcc 3.3.1.
  [Andreas Steinmetz]

Revision 29:
  Fix IV generation type returned in dm-crypt status method.
  [Christophe Saout]

Revision 30:
  Fill in missing queue limitations when table is complete instead of
  enforcing the "default" limits on every dm device.
  Problem noticed by Mike Christie.
  [Christophe Saout]

Revision 31:
  Change _mpath_lock from a spinlock to a semaphore.  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 32:
  Can't call dm_table_event() while holding a spinlock with interrupts
  disabled.  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 33:
  Strip out path testing, we'll do this from userland instead.

Revision 34:
  Use work_queues rather than dm-daemon.  [Mike Christie/Joe Thornber]

Revision 35:
  Remove obvious comment.

Revision 36:
  Comment MPATH_MIN_IO.

Revision 37:
  Work-queue names must be less than 10 characters.

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