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[dm-devel] More dm-crypt patches


I've folded my last changes on dm-crypt into a patchset (like Joe does).

Revision 5 and 7 contain important bugfixes. I'm hoping we can drop no.
7 someday, there are problems in the current kernel that require this.
They shouldn't be too troublesome to fix though.

The patchset can be found at:

The page also contains an updated patch against vanilla 2.6.0.

Revision 1:
  Coding style changes using suggestions from LKML, no functionality

Revision 2:
  simplify crypt_decode_key using simple_strotul as suggested by Andrew

Revision 3:
  Increase throughput by telling the VM to not be too eager trying to
  allocate memory and possibly start swapping or flushing just because
  we need to allocate temporary buffers by dropping PF_MEMALLOC. We've
  got an emergency pool via mempool for this. (I'm not really sure about
  this one but it definitely increases throughput on writes)

Revision 4:
  Split out the IV generation function so that we can add other ones in
  the future. The cryptoloop compatible one is too predictable.
  The -cbc cipher suffix is therefore changed to -plain.

Revision 5:
  o Don't free incomplete pages in crypt_free_buffer_pages
  o Make sure every encountered error gets seen.
  o Fix hard to trigger bug in the read path where bi_next was not

Revision 6:
  Small annotation improvements...

Revision 7:
  Replace problematic bi_idx usage in crypt_free_buffer_pages with a
  bi_vcnt and bi_size based solution until issues in the kernel code are
  sorted out.

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