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[dm-devel] partition detection in 2.7

Christophe Saout wrote:
The plan for Linux 2.7 is to rip out partition detection from the kernel
and do everything in userspace (probably initramfs). So someone could
start by making the partition detection code a library.

Linus just vehementally stated recently that partition parsing wouldn't be leaving the kernel :)

However, I do think we will eventually move to a middle ground, where partition parsing code will be in the kernel _source_ tree, but it will be in initramfs as you describe.

The reason being is that block device attachment and setup is growing more complicated over time, as people move to things like dm+lvm2+md or iscsi+dm+evms. Thus, the support code to make those device combinations to be used as a root device will get more and more complex.

RAID and device mapper were actually two big reasons why I am pushing for klibc (pushed back to 2.7 now) and initramfs in the kernel source tree. LVM, some EFI bits, dm, and md all have boot components are mainly in the kernel because they need to happen (a) early and (b) always, not because they actually need to be compiled into the kernel image itself.


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