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[dm-devel] [PATCH] 0/3: multipath_status updates

Here's a few patches to implement the multipath_status() routine in

Revision 1:
  Add the number of priority groups to the dm-multipath constructor string.
  This should make parsing the string a bit simpler.

Revision 2:
  Add code for the multipath_status() routine.
  The table string format is identical to the constructor string format.
  test_interval num_groups [priority selector-name num_paths num_selector_args [path_dev [selector_args]* ]+ ]+
  The info string format is:
  num_groups [num_paths num_selector_args [path_dev A|F fail_count fail_total [selector_args]* ]+ ]+
  where "A" means the path is active and "F" means the path has failed,
  fail_count is the number of I/O errors remaining before the path fails, and
  fail_total is the number of times the path has failed.
  Obviously the table string must match the constructor string, but the info
  string can be modified if we'd like to add more information. This format
  should provide a good starting point.

Revision 3:
  Remove the left-over status code at the end of dm-mpath.c.

Kevin Corry
kevcorry us ibm com

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