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Re: [dm-devel] [RFC][PATCH] Simplify dm_get_device restriction combining

Christophe Saout wrote:

Am Di, den 20.01.2004 schrieb Mike Christie um 22:23:

Is there a target that uses the the limit variable for something else? I just did a grep through the source so I do not know for sure. Or will this be a problem with how the v1-ioctl binds and sets up tables - I am not too familir with it?

It seems you are right. The per-target restrictions in dm_target->limits
are only used to create the restrictions for the whole table. My last
patch used this per-target restrictions though since it seemed useful.
The additional check I added  only needs the maximum hardsect size
anyway and only before the target gets added to the table so I could do
a quick walk of the target's devices there instead.

I think my suggestion would ugly up the nice layering the table, target, and devices have, so forget everything I said. Sorry about that.

When you posted I was looking at that code, and I saw that nobody was currently using io restrictions.

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