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[dm-devel] [ANNOUNCE] multipath-tools-0.2.1


here goes multipath-tools-0.2.1

This is a fairly big update which address all the problems reported so far and
includes patchs from a greater number of testers. I'm quite happy to see it
mostly works for a wide variety of hardware (server arch and storage).
Anyway, it still needs more beating. Specificaly on EMC hardware, to which I
don't have access.

Changelog for this release :

        * [multipath] add a flag to inihibit the final SIGHUP to
          multipathd. Needed to avoid recursion with the correction
        * [multipathd] devmap event now triggers a multipath exec
          in addition to the usual updatepaths()
        * [multipathd] move checkers from sg_io on BLK onto CHR
          readsector0 goes from read to sg_read
        * [multipathd] rely on sysfs for failedpaths enum and no
          longer on the device mapper
        * [multipathd] convert get_lun_strings from ioctl to sysfs
          so we can benefit from strings persistency for failed
        * [multipath] readconfig() to take only 8 char from vendor
          string (ake)
        * [multipath] remove unecessery and wrong getuid == NULL
          check from devinfo() (ake)
        * [multipathd] make readsector0 open path O_DIRECT
        * [multipathd] sizeof(path) -> sizeof(struct path) (MikeC)
        * [Makefile] don't try to install and uninstall libs
        * [devmap_name] kill the wrong trailing '\n'
          (Mike Christie)
        * [kpartx] works with device nodes outside /dev
        * [kpartx] correctly display the delimiter in partition
          name outputs

Downloads and docs at http://christophe.varoqui.free.fr


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