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Re: [dm-devel] qlogic failover

Le lun 14/06/2004 à 20:42, Guilherme Barros a écrit :
> is the qlogic failover setup in their driver aware of having to start 
> controllers showing ghost paths if the master one fails?
> let me try that one again. say controller A is showing actual paths 
> (sda, sdc), and controller B is showing ghost paths (sdb, sdd). say 
> controller A dies... does the qlogic driver with failover know that it 
> needs to activate controller B ?

I didn't last time I tried, 2 years ago.
Anyway this method is not the way to go.

You have only two choices here for real multipath handling :
1) You need commercial support, and you don't mind tainting your kernel,
then SecurePath is the way to go
2) You are satisfied with community support, then lk2.6 & device-mapper
multipath target & multipath-tools are the way to go. Note that you also
inherit the risks of being an early adopter.

Other solutions just don't fit the availability and care-free criteria.


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