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[dm-devel] [ANNOUNCE] multipath-tools-0.2.4


here goes multipath-tools-0.2.4

Changelog for this release :
2004-06-28 multipath-tools-0.2.4
        * [multipathd] break free from system's libsysfs for now
          as it is not that common these days
        * [multipath] introduce per LUN policies in the config
          file : path_grouping_policy, path_selector and
          path_selector_args are supported.
          See updated sample config file.
        * [multipath] move ->iopolicy to multipath struct (from
          path struct)
        * [multipath] fill the voids left in the config file with
        * [multipath] group config & flags in a global struct *
        * [multipath] fix segfault when no config file (was a 
          regression since hwtable vectorisation in 0.2.2)
        * [multipath] default path selector override in config file
        * [multipath] don't play with strings in pgpolicies, leave
          that to a new assemble_map fn. policies now use vectors
        * [multipathd] compilation fix for gentoo (Franck Denis)
        * [multipath] strcmp fix (Franck Denis)

Downloads and docs at http://christophe.varoqui.free.fr


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