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[dm-devel] Re: [RFC] issues with device mapper snapshots

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 12:43 pm, Dave Olien wrote:
> The interesting stack trace is, I think this one.  My analysis follows.
> kcopyd        D C46C3800     0  1688      7                   9 (L-TLB)
> f6479bb4 00000046 00010000 c46c3800 00000000 00000000 f65a891c c8062ca8
>        c8062ce0 c3fdb084 00000010 00000200 740fb02c 00000072 c3caf2d0
> c1000be0 0000054b 740fb02c 00000072 f633b608 f7ffc8d4 00000246 c1000be0
> f7ffc8d4 Call Trace:
>  [<c04203a8>] io_schedule+0x28/0x40
>  [<c0143930>] mempool_alloc+0x1a0/0x200
>  [<c016c82c>] bio_alloc+0x1c/0x1a0
>  [<c016ca00>] bio_clone+0x10/0x90
>  [<c0340f34>] clone_bio+0x24/0x60
>  [<c034102c>] __clone_and_map+0xbc/0x300
>  [<c0341307>] __split_bio+0x97/0x110
>  [<c0341407>] dm_request+0x87/0xb0
>  [<c028664b>] generic_make_request+0x14b/0x1c0
>  [<c028672b>] submit_bio+0x6b/0x110
>  [<c03470e3>] do_region+0x173/0x190
>  [<c03471b9>] dispatch_io+0xb9/0xc0
>  [<c034732a>] async_io+0x5a/0x70
>  [<c03474b3>] dm_io_async+0x53/0x60
>  [<c0347b83>] run_io_job+0x43/0x80
>  [<c0347d94>] process_jobs+0xc4/0x2a0
>  [<c01338a5>] worker_thread+0x1f5/0x370
>  [<c0137fc5>] kthread+0xa5/0xb0
>  [<c01032e5>] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0x10
> There are two problems that need addressing.  This first one is that
> it looks to me like we're deadlocked allocating bio structures.
> All of the bios from the global pool are tied up with those pending_commit
> operations.  I'm now aware why device mapper has it's own local
> pool of bio's, and hence it's own local copy of fs/bio.c.  But notice
> the call to bio_clone() on the stack trace is allocating from the global
> bio pool.
> SO, patch number 1. is to give dm-io.c it's own copy of the bio_clone()
> that allocates from dm-io.c's local pool of bio's and bvec's.

The call to bio_clone() in the above trace is not in dm-io.c - it's in dm.c 
and part of the normal I/O path. I've always been a bit wary of calling the 
generic bio_clone() at that point, but I've never been able to generate a 
case that causes memory starvation like you're seeing.

In my opinion, what we *really* need to do is move the local bio pool stuff in 
dm-io.c into fs/bio.c, and provide a kernel-wide mechanism for creating pools 
of bios. Then we could use that mechanism from both dm.c and dm-io.c.

Of course, we'll need to convince a few more people than just the three of us 
before we can make such a change. :)

Kevin Corry
kevcorry us ibm com

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