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[dm-devel] 2.6.4-rc2-udm1


Revision 1:

Revision 2:
  dm.c: protect md->map with a rw spin lock rather than the md->lock
  semaphore.  Also ensure that everyone accesses md->map through
  dm_get_table(), rather than directly.

Revision 3:
  Check the uptodate flag in sub-bios to see if there was an error.
  [Mike Christie]

Revision 4:
  Handle interrupts within suspend.

Revision 5:
  dm.c: Use waitqueue_active() to save a couple of cycles.
  I couldn't think of a reason why event_callback() was using
  wake_up_interruptible() rather than plain old wake_up(), so changed

Revision 6:
  VFS lock patch.  [Chris Mason]

Revision 7:
  Lock the filesystem while a device is suspended.  [Kevin Corry, Joe Thornber]

Revision 8:
  Multipath target

Revision 9:

Revision 10:

Revision 11:
  Snapshot target

Revision 12:
  Mirror target

Revision 13:
  Flakey target

Revision 14:

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