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[dm-devel] [RFC] multipath userspace support


I just read in the EVMS 2.3.0 changelog that some sort of support for the DM multipath was introduced.

It was previously stated on this mailing list that LVM2 tools may be extended to support it too.

Which leads me to ask : given the current status of the multipath-tools, don't you agree that the multipath userspace handling does not belong in volume managers like LVM2 or EVMS ?

The multipath-tools package tends to prove that this handling can be done 100% automagically by leveraging the hotplug subsys and the core DM events. Most users won't need more than that. Why force them to use a sophisticated volume manager they don't necessarily need ?

I'm all open for comments on this architectural/implementation issue.

multipath-tools is hosted and documented at


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