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[dm-devel] Re: multipath tool priority group question

christophe varoqui free fr wrote:
You should use the group_by_tur policy.
It does what you describe.

Ok. I see it now. It was missing from the man and top of usage(). I was being lazy and didn't read on :)

I still am not sure this helps for the second case.
What if the secondary paths work, it's just that switching
to them is expensive? It looks like they will end up in one

Selon Mike Christie <michaelc cs wisc edu>:

Hi Christophe,

For policy it states, "failover 1 path per priority group",
but what if I want to put N paths in each group?

I want to round-robin over N paths, and when they fail I want
to start using a lower priority group. I have two cases. One
where I have a set of paths that are imediately ready, and a
second set that has to be activated first. And a second case
where the second set is ready, but for any reason we want to use
it as backup only.



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