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Re: [dm-devel] [RFC] multipath userspace support

KC :
I'm not entirely sure what you mean...but I'm also not very familiar with multipath hardware and associated terminology. What does "cloning and snaping" mean?

this terms apply to storage arrays that embed a volume manager. Thus :

* Snaps are the equivalent of DM snapshots
* Clones are snapshots volumes with background copying

These two features will clone the on-plater UID, which leads to bad paths coalescing if based on this UID

I'm also not personally keen on identifying multipath devices through on-disk metadata. But some people seem to want to use it.
may be it is just a matter of education :)

I was always pretty happy with the SCSI-midlayer approach that guys like Mike Anderson, Pat Mansfield and Mike Christie were working on, but the powers-that-be decided that wasn't the way to go.

Given the number of policies I already implemented in this early stage tools, I can't really say these powers-that-be were wrong :)


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