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Re: [dm-devel] multipath dm setup

> I have a 3PARdata SAN and I am using 2 qla2300 HBA's connected to a fabric
> switch. There are a total of 2 paths to the SAN per HBA. 
> First off the multipath command never works for me. 
it seems the getuid function is not the right one for this hardware.
can you track down where it stores the LU WWID ?

you can try hunting for it with the sg_inq command from sg_utils.

example with StorageWorks driven LUNs :
sg_inq -e -o=0x83 /dev/sdb

To code you the right fetching fn, I would need :
o the opcode page
o evpd set or not
o the offset in this page

<snip the nice strace>

> I was able to put a filesystem on the dm-0 device that I created with
> dmsetup without much trouble after I found out the that the multipath table
> arguments changed.
> I didn't see much about LVM2 other than that it uses the libdevmapper
> library.  What I didn't see is how to access the multipath device for an
> LVM2 volume.  Does it automaticly know that it is part of a multipath device
> when I use one of the devices that is a part of the multipath device.

I would recommend blacklisting the paths in the LVM2 config file.
Though, I never tried that : insights from the LVM guys would be


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