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Re: [dm-devel] multipath dm setup

> This works for 3par.  During my investigation though I have found apparent
> bugs in the multipath code.
> 1) If multipath reads in the multipath.conf table, at least the devinfo
> procedure will only run through the first 17 entries.
are you sure the other entries are not blacklisted (md*, dm*, loop*
...), so that the loop skips the devinfo ?

> 2) This might not be your problem, but sysfs_read_attribute_value chops off
> the last character of the attributes it reads, thus "3PARdata" becomes
> "3PARdat" same thing happens for the model.
> bug 2 causes the compare in devinfo to fail when it shouldn't.  I changed
> the strncmp to compare 1 less character and it works.

can you send a patch with :
* your solution to pb number 2
* your multipath.conf entry, so that you'll have it by default from the
next release up

Now that your the first official successful tester, can you send your
feedback ?

thanks for caring,

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