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[dm-devel] [PATCH 0/3] add path-selector init function

Here are the tested path-selector init patches. Basically, this type of
function is need so devices like IBM's fastt can perform a manual failover.
And, manual failover is useful for some types of clustering setups.
These patches were built and tested against 2.6.6-udm1.

01-ps-refcount.patch - fixes the refcounting on the path-selectors. And,
exports the register/unregister functions.

02-mv-path-code-to-ps.patch - some path-selectors will want to choose
paths that have a couple of failed IOs vs always failing paths with X number
of failures. Also some path-selectors will want to select a path by
detecting congestion or some other determination than X bios have been sent.

03-ps-init-fn.patch - this adds the ps-init function.

ps-manual-failover-exp.patch - this is just an exmaple of how you could use the init function. Please do not apply it. It was written based on some other patches, and I am trying to make it more generic so we can support other HW. I am only sending it becuase I am not sure if the functions I am using to send the failover command are correct and I am looking for feedback.

-- Mike Christie mikenc us ibm com

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