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Re: [dm-devel] [PATCH 0/3] add path-selector init function

Mike Christie wrote:
ps-manual-failover-exp.patch - this is just an exmaple of how you could use
the init function. Please do not apply it. It was written based on some other
patches, and I am trying to make it more generic so we can support other HW.
I am only sending it becuase I am not sure if the functions I am using to
send the failover command are correct and I am looking for feedback.

For the failover command I am currently hardcoding the format in the path-selector.
This seems like such a waste becuase if you look at sg io code (block/scsi_ioctl.c
for example), you can just pass in the command you want to execute. Is there any way
I could pass in such a thing when my target is created, so that way dm multipath
would not have any type of command format functions/modules or definitions
(it could just be passed in and built like the sg io code).

Wait let me clarify. I would not be using the sgio code. It would just work similar to that code. I really just don't want to be forced to have a bunch of different commands for different devices defined in a kernel module. Christophe's tool can already determine the storage device and the proper type of failover model to use, so when it creates a device that requires manaul failover it can pass dm-multipath the command too.

Mike Christie
mikenc us ibm com

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