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[dm-devel] 2.6.6-udm2


Patches 2 to 6 are now in 2.6.7-rc1-mm1.

Revision 1:
  Documentation for the linear target.  The last 2 scripts still need

Revision 2:
  dm-ioctl.c: Fix an OB1 error when calculating an output buffer size,
  that could cause a missing null termininator in the 'list devices'
  ioctl results.  [Steffan Paletta]

Revision 3:
  In __map_bio(), if the target returns an error while mapping the I/O, the
  cloned bio needs to be freed.

Revision 4:
  Replace dm_[add|remove]_wait_queue() with dm_wait_event().
  Some testing of DM multipath has turned up a problem with the DEVICE_WAIT
  command. In the tests, while performing a DEVICE_WAIT on a multipath device,
  the command sometimes returns immediately, even though the event-number is
  correct and no path-failure has occurred to trigger an event. The problem
  was tracked down to the call to schedule() in dev_wait(), which would return
  even though it was not woken up by a DM table event.
  This patch moves the responsibility for waiting from the ioctl interface into
  the core driver, and uses wait_event_interruptible() instead of relying on
  wait-queues and schedule().

Revision 5:
  DM: Add static and __init qualifiers. [Dave Olien]

Revision 6:
  dm-table.c: Proper usage of dm_vcalloc. [Dave Olien]

Revision 7:
  Multipath target

Revision 8:

Revision 9:
  - Add static qualifiers
  - Export dm_io_sync_bvec
  [Dave Olien]

Revision 10:

Revision 11:
  Force kcopyd to be single-threaded. For now, snapshotting cannot handle
  multiple kcopyd threads. When we determine the correct way to make snapshot
  safe for a multithreaded kcopyd, this patch can be removed.

Revision 12:
  kcopyd: Add __init qualifier. [Dave Olien]

Revision 13:
  snapshot target.

Revision 14:
  Snapshot: Make calc_max_buckets return a constant 2M for now (need a
  proper fix for this).  [Chris Mason]

Revision 15:
  dm-exception-store: remove dead code. [Dave Olien]

Revision 16:
  dm-snapshot: Add static qualifiers. [Dave Olien]

Revision 17:
  dm-snap.c: Remove check_free_space()

Revision 18:
  dm-snap.c: Remove old DEBUG log statements.

Revision 19:
  dm-snap.c: Remove old FIXME comments.

Revision 20:
  mirror target.

Revision 21:
  Mirror: Exchange slow bit-by-bit count to use hweight32 to count bits per
  uint32_t. [AJ Lewis]

Revision 22:
  Mirror: flush the log as soon as a region is updated.  (Needs

Revision 23:
  - Check return value from try_module_get().
  - Add .module field to dirty_log_type struct.
  - Add __init qualifier.
  - Don't need to export init and exit routines.
  [Dave Olien]

Revision 24:
  Flakey target

Revision 25:
  dm-flakey.c: Add __exit qualfier. [Dave Olien]

Revision 26:

Revision 27:
  dm-multipath: ps-refcount.patch
  Fixes the refcounting on the path-selectors. And, exports the
  register/unregister functions.
  [Mike Christie]

Revision 28:
  dm-multipath: mv-path-code-to-ps.patch
  Some path-selectors will want to choose paths that have a couple of failed
  IOs vs always failing paths with X number of failures. Also some path-
  selectors will want to select a path by detecting congestion or some other
  determination than X bios have been sent.
  [Mike Christie]

Revision 29:
  dm-multipath: ps-init-fn.patch
  This adds the ps-init function.
  [Mike Christie]

Revision 30:
  dm-snap.c: Remove unnecessary BUG. If no snapshots are found for an origin
  device, just submit the I/O without any extra processing.

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