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[dm-devel] Multipath Status?

Hi there,

Im Guil Barros, a san admin for UALR, thought id say hello and ask a couple of questions. We have an HP eva3k (2c2d) with dual fabrics and a number of machines on it. Right now, we have one win box using securepath and the others zoned to only see a single path to the san. Our linux boxes are also all zoned to only see one path for the time being. None of this is in actual "production" untill i figure out how we will be doing our multipathing for the linux boxes. The win boxes will either be using securepath or nothing at all. Linux boxes are either RH ES v3 or Debian when i can get away with it.

>From what i can tell this can be done either through md, or dm... how stable is all of this? is any of it supported by redhat? How much of it is in the latest kernel? how about the RH kernels? 

Not terribly into LVM just yet, we just havent gotten to that point. Im assuming dm will give me a regular disk device thats just a layer on top of the multiple paths?  Also, what are the main diffs between evms and lvm? 

is there some documentation on all of this that i overlooked?

thought id ask questions before blindly flailing with the patches :) 


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