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[dm-devel] [ANNOUNCE] multipath-tools-0.3.8


here goes multipath-tools-0.3.8

This is just getting too big a ChangeLog.
This release was lighly tested, expect some glitches. Let's call that a
developer release.

Warning, there are config file synthax changes :
* in the callouts declarations (item 1)
* new keyword : prio_callout in the device block

The path_priority example is getting usable.

A new "-F" command line flag, to flush all multipath maps.

You will need 2.6.10-rc*-udm for this release : the map synthax is
updated but still not the logic to avoid map reloads.

Full ChangeLog for the release :

	* [priority] teach multipath to read callout keywords
	  formatted as /sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s /block/%n
	  Apply one substitutions out of :
		* %n : blockdev basename (ie sdb)
		* %d : blockdev major:minor string (ie 8:16)
	  update sample config files
	* [priority] fix find_controler(). Now works, verified
	  on IBM T200 at OSDL (thanks again, Dave). Add to the
	  main build process
	* [multipath] add a controler specific "prio_callout"
	  keyword. Noticed by Ake
	* [multipath] normalize the debug ouput
	* [multipath] add select_getuid(). De-spaghetti
	  devinfo() thanks to that helper.
	* [libmultipath] add VECTOR_LAST_SLOT macro.
	  multipath/dict.h now use it heavily.
	* [multipath] policies selectors speedup and cleanup
	  (pgpolicy, features, hwhandler, selector)
	* [multipath] new "flush" command flag
	* [libmultipath] add dm_type() and dm_flush_maps()
	* [multipath] move dm_get_map() to libmultipath
	* [multipath] rename iopolicy to pgpolicy everywhere.
	  Dual terminology was getting confusing.
	* [multipath] assemble_map() to always set next_pg to 1
	  for now.
	* [multipath] update config file to show new keywords.
	  Add an IBM array tested at OSDL.
	* [multipath] fork select_iopolicy() from setup_map()
	* [multipath] introduce select_features() and 
	  select_hwhandler(). Should merge select_* one day ...
	* [multipath] add features and hardware_handler keywords
	  and use them in the map setup
	* [build] make clean really clean. Noticed by Dave Olien,
	* [multipath] group_by_serial bugfix
	* [multipath] dm_addmap() return value fix. Now multipath
	  really creates the maps
	* [multipath] try dm_log_init_verbose() instead of dup()
	  + close() to silence libdevmapper (Ake at umu)
	* [libcheckers] remove checkpath() wrapper, obsoleted by
	  the "fd in context" changes
	* [multipathd] let pathcheckers allocate their context.
	  No more over or unneeded allocation.  Suggested by Lars,
	* [multipathd] store the pathcheckers fd in their context.
	  No more open / close on each check. Suggested by Lars,

As usual, doc and download at :

christophe varoqui <christophe varoqui free fr>

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