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Re: [dm-devel] multipath and HSG80

Make sure the kernel DM event model works (with "dmsetup wait")
If not, revert the Mike Christie patches from the udm patchset.


Selon Nicola Ranaldo <ranaldo unina it>:

> Hello...
> I have an hp proliant with qlocic 2312 connected on a dual hs80 storage
> controller in multibus failover configuration linux kernel 2.6.9 with the
> latest dm patch applied.
> I modified kernel scsi_devinfo.c and deleted BLIST_NOSTARTONADD in order to
> get capacity for ghost paths.
> So when i do a modprobe qla2300 i get:
> /dev/sda spinned 36gb
> /dev/sdd initially ghost spinned 36gb
> so after i have
> /dev/sda ghost
> /dev/sdd ok
> i do dmsetup create volume1 table
> where table contains:
> "0 71114623 multipath 2 round-robin 1 0 /dev/sdd round-robin 1 0 /dev/sda"
> mkreiserfs /dev/mapper/volume1
> mount /dev/mapper/volume1 /mnt
> cp /dev/urandom /mnt/foo
> now:
> if go on the hsg80 controller serial console and give "restart other" in
> order to restart the controller with active path i get:
> REISER-FS: panic (device-dm-0): journal-601, buffer write failed
> another example:
> if i do an sg_start /dev/sda, sdd dies but the "cp" continues to work, but
> after this partial working failover, if i do an sg_start /dev/sdd i get
> panic again...
> wath do i miss?
> (sorry for english)
> thanks
> Nicola Ranaldo
> --
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> dm-devel redhat com
> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/dm-devel


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