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[dm-devel] multipath-tools-0.3.2


here goes multipath-tools-0.3.2

This one will need you to upgrade to latest -udm patchset to support the
new path reinstate feature.
Lots of bugfixes from Suse review.

Full ChangeLog for the release :

	* [multipath] add path reinstate logic :
		* if a path is given as multipath arg
		* if the map containing that path already exists
		* if this map is the same as the that would be
		  created by this multipath run
		* THEN reinstate the path
	  multipathd is is thus unchanged, while now supporting
	* audit and ensafe all sprintf usage
	* [multipath] fix the annoying \n after each dev_t in
	  params string reporting
	* [multipath] print out devmaps in "-v2 -d" mode
	* [kpartx] bump up the params string size (lmb at suse)
	* [kpartx] replace sprintf by snprintf (lmb at suse)
	* [kpartx] initialize some more vars (lmb at suse)
	* [multipath] mp->pg == NULL safety net before calling
	  assemble_map() (for Andy who happen to hit the bug)
	* [multipath] last rampant bug in map CREATE or UPDATE switch
	  logic due to the device alias feature
	* [kpartx] zeroe "struct slice all" (lmb at suse)

As usual, doc and download at :

christophe varoqui <christophe varoqui free fr>

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